Friday, February 4, 2011

Adding To The Clutter

If you haven't heard, it's snowing. Again.

Yesterday, in a fit of delirium brought on by an extreme case of cabin fever, I composed an email to my parents, in a futile effort to initiate some sort of adult contact.

I posted the communication to my Facebook profile, and some nuts I call friends suggested I start a blog.

So here I am. Yet another noisy voice in the cyber clutter. Undoubtedly, I accept the reality that I will indeed be the only reader. (With the exception of my husband's forced participation.) But the social psychologists of the day (AKA, the aforementioned nuts and the voices in my head) tell me it is through these electronic means of communication that I will surely find some therapeutic value. Or at least, I'll find an excuse to further ignore the fact that my children's lungs haven't processed outside air in the past four days, resulting in inexplicable behaviors.

So, read. Or don't. Whatevs. This is, after all, for me, dammit. As all things, inevitably are.


  1. Love you, girl! You've got me reading at the least...not that I count for much but we'd be great friends at the asylum! See you there soon! ;)

  2. From Sabra...

    Love it! I am waiting for you to be the next blog to big-screen star a la Julie & Julia...minus the cooking? and Julia Child. :)


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